A group of friends went to play minigolf at Adventureland. Anna's score was 262 putts, Daniela's score was 313 putts, Luiza's score was 393 putts, and Vera's score was 323 putts. Find the mean absolute deviation (MAD) of the data set.

Accepted Solution

Answer:35.25Step-by-step explanation:There are 4 data:262, 313, 393, and 323The formula for MAD (mean absolute deviation) = [tex]\frac{SUM(|x_{i}-XBar|)}{n}[/tex]Where x_i are the each individual values (stated)XBar is the average valuen is the number of dataFirst, let's find XBar, or the average. We add up all the 4 numbers and divide by 4 to get:XBar = (262+313+393+323)/4=322.75Now, let's calculate MAD:MAD = [tex]\frac{|262-322.75|+|313-322.75|+|393-322.75|+|323-322.75|}{4}\\=35.25[/tex]MAD = 35.25