Square Root of 1600

Accepted Solution

Solution: The square root of 1600 is 40 Methods What is the Square Root of 1600? To start with, let’s review what we define as the square root of a number. A square root of a number is a number that when multiplied by itself gives the original value. So, for instance, the square root of 16 is 4 or √16 = 4, then by definition, we can also say that 4 β€’ 4 is also 16. Now, for the Square Root of 1600, the value is 40. It is noteworthy that the result of a square root can be either a whole number or a decimal. Is the Square Root of 1600 rational? Oftentimes when it comes to square roots, it is helpful to know if the value of the square root is rational or irrational. A rational number is when you have a number that can be written as a fraction that divides two integers (as long as the denominator is not 0). Whole numbers can also be rational numbers! So, an irrational number would be a decimal that cannot be written as a fraction and is considered to go on and on with no end (non-terminating). In this case, because the square root of 1600, 40, is a whole number (and not a decimal), we say that 1600 is rational. How do you find the Square Root of 1600? There are two main ways to calculate the Square Root of a number: perfect squares and long division. Generally speaking, the first method that uses perfect squares is one of the easier and efficient methods when the number you have is a perfect square. To reiterate, a perfect square occurs when the value of the square root is a whole value. On the other hand, long division is used when the value of the square root is a decimal or not a perfect square. Our first attempt will be to try to see if we can use perfect squares. So, let's see if we can rewrite 1600 as a product of a number times itself. Well, we know the common perfect square of: 40 Γ— 40 = 1600 40 Γ— 40 = 1600 40 Γ— 40 = 1600 Therefore: 1600 = 4 0 2 = 40 \sqrt{1600} = \sqrt{ 40^{2} } = 40 1600 ​ = 4 0 2 ​ = 40 Thus, helping us arrive at the conclusion that the Square Root of 1600 is 40. Find The Square Root of Other Numbers Finding the square root of any number can be done using the same method as shown above. Take a look how to find the square root of these other specific examples, by clicking on the any of the links below: Square Root of 1251 Square Root of 2454 Square Root of 3690 Square Root of 375 Square Root of 310